Mar. 26th, 2012

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"My guess is that the property use inspectors (who wrote you up) simply haven’t been informed that the council is pro-gardens. Most of the inspectors have been employed for the duration of several councils, so it may be a case of ignorance by the property use inspectors.

As suggested above, write a polite email to the mayor and council. Explain that you interpreted the creation of the City Hall Community Garden to mean that council supports urban agriculture, and that you and your roommates have converted your lawn into a garden – but you have been told by the property use inspectors that this change is unacceptable. Explain that you feel that while the council is publicly promoting urban agriculture, the city staff don’t seem to have received the memo! Additionally, mention the signatures that you have collected from neighbours in support of your garden.

(If you need more ammunition, check out the documents on this webpage: ).

Be sure to also CC the email to the Greenest City Action Team []; Deputy City Manager Sadhu Johnston [] (he is in charge of promoting all things “green” at City Hall); Barb Windsor, Assistant Director & Chief Licence Inspector []; and Carlene Robbins, Manager of Property Use Branch Staff []. Clearly list all of these names and address at the bottom of your email (in addition to simply popping the email addresses into the CC field).

And as you’re aware, there are dozens of urban agriculture organizations in Vancouver. Get them to write an email to the mayor and council in your favour (and get them to CC their emails to the list above as well)."


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