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Today I stuck my foot in my mouth and well, I haven't tasted my knee in some time, so...yeah.

A classmate who has an 11 month old (at least I believe the child is this age) was talking to another classmate as the three of us were walking.  She was sharing about a friend who is due in March and has a child the same age as hers.  I said, "Can you imagine being due in March?  I mean, can you even imagine it?"

They both stopped dead in their tracks and asked if we heard anything that had been discussed on their side of the room in the class just previous.  I hadn't but, "Your pregnant?" was obvious.  And in February, not March.  Oh dear.  I'm an idiot.  Not wanting to make it too much about me (heh heh), I apologized and congratulated her with "more power to you" and "I couldn't do it, but good for you."  All totally patronizing and didn't help the gagging on my knee.  Sigh.

It's good to have this revealed to me though!  I've been wondering what sort of strong opinions I hold and where I'll need to grown and change and open.  I honestly cannot even fathom doing what she's doing.  I wouldn't do it and I didn't do it.  And yet it is not my life and not my choices and I do support her to do what is right for her.  

Our first class baby.  Awww.


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