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 Wednesday was the Women's Studies midterm.  I don't know how I did, honestly.  While my writing structure was good, as usual, the points I made and the references I used to back up my points were crap.  Pure crap.  I will be thrilled with anything over a C+  I truly do not care about this class, but I have to pass.

This morning was my Applied sciences for midwifery midterm.  Again, I need a 65%.  I sure better have cleared that!  I feel like I did very well on the multiple choice parts, but nearly as well on the short answer and long answer.  I'll be happy with 65%  Truly.  I do need to know this stuff, but I realize that we will have this information drilled into our heads over the next several years and I WILL know it in the end.  Do I know it today....nope.  Do I need to know it yet?  Nope.

In our clinical class we had a hand washing module and then a couple of modules about clinical care; blood pressure, temperature and palpating bellies.  Broad strokes.  Very broad strokes.  We will learn how to do assessments for REAL next term.  Then OSCEs in April so we'll be ready to do our placements next year.  Whew.  Whew.  Wow!  I was able to work with 3 different moms and two different midwives.  I heard fetal heartbeat with both the pinard horn (well, I think I heard it with the pinard horn) and with a fetoscope.  I couldn't believe how clear it was with the fetoscope!  We also used the doppler, measured fundal height and palpated those growing bellies.  I feel like I can really get good at visualizing what is inside mama's belly!  How cool!  And I felt comfortable with the women as well.  I sure miss working with pregnant women!  Whooo.  I felt high for a short time after class today!

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